Time to Start Blogging.

Hi! I’m Mailea. About a year ago, I enrolled at TU Vienna to study informatics. In order to get more coding experience, I work on personal projects as well. Whenever I realize I’m especially bad at something, I try to find tasks to help me improve in that area.
That’s where this blog comes into play: I noticed that I’m having a very hard time writing descriptions for my projects. I really need to get better at writing English texts! For this reason, I’m starting to blog.

Blogging also offers another important advantage: By documenting my progress, I’ll be able to analyze what works for me and what doesn’t. Maybe this will help me avoid typical mistakes and improve faster.

What I’ll Be Writing About

Most posts will be about current projects, ideas and problems I run into. However, I also want to blog about a few other topics, e.g. my hobbies or interesting articles I find online.

Let’s get started!


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