A New Face for My Browser, Part 2

Yesterday, I implemented the changes I had planned for my browser homepage. Most of it was as easy as expected, however, I ran into a few problems that greatly increased the time needed.

Noteworthy Changes

Flat Orange

By adding a soft, vertical gradient to the background and adapting the nav-color, I was able to resolve the issue about clashing yellows and grays without changing the overall look. Sometimes, the best solutions are the easiest ones.

Flat Blue

It goes without saying that the color palette needed to be replaced. Improving the animations was trickier: I had to make educated guesses and play around with padding and transition speeds, but finally I found and adequate solution. I like this theme so much better now!


I duplicated the background pattern and blurred both layers by two pixels and 45 degrees to make it look a bit more sophisticated. I think it worked.

New Themes


This one was easy to make. I just had to use a monospace font and a black and green color scheme to make it work.


Remember when I said that I ran into a few problems? I was mostly talking about this theme.
First of all, I had problems making up my mind about the color palette. At first, I chose dark, blueish hues because I associate them with gaming and science fiction movies, but it simply didn’t work. After thinking about it for about an hour, I decided to try light grays with bits of soft pink and blue (think Portal!) instead. Luckily, it worked.
Secondly, I really wanted to rotate the nav menu, but CSS transitions are really hard to do right. It took me about an hour to set all parameters correctly.
However, I am pleased with how the theme turned out. It might become one of my favourites! (Maybe I am a bit biased because I know how hard it was to make.)


With this theme, I wanted to experiment. Obviously, I had to use trendy colors (greenery!) and convey a retro and tropical feeling at the same time. So I decided to try something very different. I had great fun making this theme and I love the result, but I am sure that many people will hate it. This might be my most polarizing theme.


I wish I had tracked time. I really need to start doing that! I know it took me about 2 hours to update all old themes and I’m sure it couldn’t have taken me longer than an hour to add the command theme. However, I simply don’t know how long I worked on the last two themes, so I can’t tell how far off I was with my estimation of 3-4 hours needed. When making plans, it’s important to know how fast you can get things done. Next time, I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.


Overall, I’m pleased that it was quite easy for me to update my themes. I must have done a great job when naming and structuring the original project. This makes me proud of myself. Good girl!


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