Keep It Simple


In my opinion, simple designs are harder to get right than complicated ones. Still, I felt that my first web app needed to be minimal in order to not take away from the Identicons presented there. Here’s what I did.

The most important part, by far, is the font choice. I wanted a sans-serif font that’s easy to read and a bit extravagant. Also, it needs to support very thin and very bold font weights. Associations with coding would be a plus. I briefly considered to use Fira Sans, Ubuntu or Source Sans Pro. Finally I chose Overpass.

A second relevant topic is color. Since Origamicons are rather toned down, gray was the obvious choice. I found a wonderful soft palette on design-seeds.

The next step: structure. This one was easy; I just centered everything. Notice that the input field is also centered, which means that I had to place the form containing both input field and submit button slightly off-center.

At last, I needed to add an easy to find download button without cluttering the screen. Luckily, I had an idea: The button appears in front of the avatar when a user hovers over it. I think this solution might be optimal.


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