As you might have noticed, I’m still working on a few unfinished projects. Nevertheless, I needed to squeeze a new one in: The final homework for my visual computing class.

The instruction was simple: Use blender and model something. Sounds easy, but we are talking about a beginner’s class. Most students haven’t really used blender before, including me. So luckily, nobody expected amazing art from me. After all, the exercise was meant to help students to get to know the program a bit better.

I decided to model things I keep on my desk:

  • A cube shaped piggy bank
  • A round ceramic box with wooden cover
  • A smaller round box with 9 pencils
  • A glass of water
  • A cup of coffee
  • A paper coaster
  • Two stone coasters
  • 4 IKEA Kvissle boxes (one set)
  • A geometric vase with color gradient
  • Some paper
  • An origami

I had to omit my laptop and calendar because they are way too complex for a beginner like me. Also, I replaced the origami with an easier one.

Some textures were really hard to get right. I needed to read lots of tutorials and experiment, and I’m still not really pleased with all of them. Especially the coffee cup and stone coasters are weird. If you happen to know what I did wrong, please tell me.

Also, I struggled with black artifacts on transparent and glossy round objects. In the end, I gave up and rendered them with flat shadows. But then, the water had stripes. I figured out how to get rid of them by coincidence: I needed to place the water mesh slightly inside of the glass.

I’m especially proud of the origami. I made it by bending a plane with armatures. It took me ages to make it work, but I think it was worth the effort. Maybe I’ll do a more complex one some time.

All in all, it was a fun little project, but I’m glad that I’m done.



3 thoughts on “Homework”

  1. Hi Mailea,

    I really like your scene. You made it look good without using too complicated meshes.
    Funny how you made the origami. Why didn’t you just model it with cuts? (Ctrl+r)
    I don’t see what you mean with coffee cup looking weird?
    I happen to know, that there is an evc-award – do you plan on winning it?


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    1. Hi Gnaah,

      First of all I’m sorry that it took me that long to approve your comment. I’ve been busy with homeworks and exams and totally forgot to check my linked mail account. Also, I didn’t intend to require comment approval at all! I just updated the settings to fix that.
      I’m really glad you like my work as I put a lot of effort into it. It’s hard to explain what bugs me about the coffee cup. I think it looks more fake than all the other objects in the scene. It’s probably caused by the material I used, but I’m not sure. As for the origami: Originally, I wanted to animate the folding process, so I thought armatures would make sense. However, in the end, animating it turned out to be too complicated and time-consuming, so I dropped that idea. In your opinion, would it have been easier to create the origami with cuts? I might try that method over the summer.
      Regarding the EVC-award: Naturally, it would be nice to win, but I think it’s highly unlikely. Have you seen the wall of fame? Last year’s winners did an amazing job and submitted fantastic artworks. Their scenes look so professional! Both of them chose interesting perspectives and illuminated their scenes perfectly. Their models are also much more complicated than mine.
      As I didn’t mention EVC in my post, I’m curious: How did you find my blog?

      Thanks for your nice feedback, it really made my day!


  2. It’s alright, exam time is coming (and nearly over).
    About the mug: Yeah, you are right, the material isn’t quite right. Mugs are usually a little shiny.
    You could use this node-setup I just made: http://imgur.com/a/6Gx4N
    I think animating an origami folding process would look pretty cool and for that armatures would be the right choice. You should also try the knife tool (k).
    In my opinion you have a chance at winning – or at least to place 2nd or 3rd. Last year’s typewriter was extremly nice. The tunnel was good too, but not too complicated (nice materials though) and from a tutorial.
    Do you know when the winners are announced?
    How i found you remains my secret, if that’s ok (and creepy)


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