Hi, I’m Lena Schnedlitz.

I study informatics and pharmacy in Vienna. Also, I’m a teaching assistant for cyber security. If I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would probably be self-improver. Whenever I realize I’m especially bad at something, I try to find tasks to help me improve in that area. This also includes some small coding projects I do in my free time.

When I’m not working on university-related stuff  or personal projects, I tend to my more relaxing hobbies: strolling through Vienna, trying out new coffee shops with my partner, folding origami, solving math riddles, playing video games (mostly Skyrim, but also some other exceptional AAA titles and indie games), solving my Rubik’s Cube (Roux Method), participating in pub quizzes, playing the piano, meeting up with friends, drinking craft beer, and reading.

I mostly blog about coding-related topics like personal projects and stuff I learn at university. However, there might also be some posts about my hobbies.

Short Bio

Lena Schnedlitz
Programmer and student, interested in logic, UX and medicine.
Restless self-improver.
Loves hipster coffee shops, math riddles and origami.