Amino Acid Trainer

A customizable quiz about amino acid structures and letter codes.

Since I’m terrible at learning things by heart, I’ve always struggled with amino acid formulas and letter codes. However, when working with ion channels or similar biomolecules, you need to know these things really well. Therefore, I’ll build a small quiz to help me (and maybe some other people) memorize structures, one-letter and three-letter codes.


Amino Acid Trainer is a small program in the form of a (highly) customizable quiz. Users can choose what kind of questions they want to be asked and how they should answer. It’s also possible to decide how many questions will be asked and whether repetitions are possible.
Also, statistics will be collected and visualized so users can figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

Languages, Frameworks and Libraries

Amino Acid Trainer will be written in Python 3 and Tkinter.


I’m not done yet! As always, the source code can be found on GitHub.

Personal Goals

Mainly, I want to apply know-how I gained from previous projects and university courses. I’ll focus on sensible use of design patterns and thought out plans. I hope that I can avoid my typical problems (bad architecture, lots of refactoring) by doing so.
Then, I’ll also try to get more efficient. I’ll track time to find out how long it takes me to build small programs so that I can make better estimations in the future.

I’m blogging about this project. If you are interested, you can find my posts here.

Lessons Learned



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