SHA-1 Origamicons

(Almost) unique Identicons, inspired by folded paper.

As the name suggests, SHA-1 Origamicons are Identicons based on SHA-1 hashes. They resemble folded semi-transparent paper a bit, so I named them after Origami.

Languages, Frameworks and Libraries

This web app is written in Python 3, HTML and CSS using Flask and Jinja2.

Link and Source Code

You can view my web app here. As usual, the source code can be found on GitHub.


Personal Goals

After a long and slow demise, SHA-1 is finally dead. What can you do with broken cryptographic functions? Create Identicons, naturally.

After the SHA-1 practical break, I wanted to say goodbye to the algorithm somehow. When I had this idea, I just started to work on it spontaneously. As always, I’ve been writing a bit about the creation of this program. If you are interested, you can find those posts on my blog.

Lessons Learned

Uniqueness and distinctness are completely different attributes. When generating Identicons, you have to consider both of them.
Also, unexpected problems can occur even after an excessive planning phase.



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