Skyrim Calculator

A small tool for character progress optimization.

SkyCalc uses level information to predict how much training of (user-selected) skills is needed to reach a certain goal level. Since there is a lot of data involved, results can be saved, too.

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Languages, Frameworks and Libraries

SkyCalc is written in Python 3 with Tkinter.


You can find this project on GitHub.

Personal Goals

In my opinion, Skyrim is the best game ever made. As a completionist, I spent ages trying to unlock all perks. However, at high levels, it gets very difficult to plan ahead and figure out how much training will be needed to reach a long-yearned-for level up. That’s why I decided to make a tool for character progress optimization.

Having just learned the basics of object-oriented programming, I felt that the time had come for my first “real” program. In order to make it easier, I decided to use Python, my favourite language.

Obviously, neither the architecture nor the subtyping is optimal. I figured that I need more experience with oop before I start to understand how to structure a project more efficiently.

Lessons Learned

Even though I was right about needing to practice the basics first, knowing a few patterns would have helped a lot. Had I known the Model-View-Controller pattern, I could have connected GUI and logic more elegantly.



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