MVC and Observer Pattern

Since I’m working on a rather small project, I decided to implement a simple version of the Model-View-Controller pattern. Here’s the basic idea:

\_ model
:  |_
:  |_
\_ view
:  |_ res
:  |_

In the package model there are two modules: data, which knows relevant data (e.g. letter codes), and app, which contains logic. The class app.App should be used for requests from other modules.
Code related to the look of individual views can be found in view.view. Image resources are saved in the subfolder view.res.

The program is started by executing, which contains the Controller. It loads app and view, instantiates classes and connects Observers with Observables.

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Quiz Design

When building a GUI, I tend to spend way too much time on style decisions. I’m pretty sure that there are ways to speed up that process, but I have yet to figure them out. For my Amino Acid Trainer project, I’m trying to make decisions faster by structuring objectives in a TODO list and working my way through.

My TODO List

  • Choose general style (modern, retro, funny, cute, professional,…)
  • Choose fonts
  • Find fitting color palette
  • Sketch layouts for most views (positions and sizes – no color!)
  • Decide how buttons should look (mostly shape, but also a few color ideas)
  • Color all elements on my sketches (revisions might be necessary)
  • Create images (buttons,…)
  • Implement most views with dummy data
  • Add missing parts

Doesn’t seem too complicated, does it? Let’s take a closer look at my objectives.

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The Next Project

It’s time for a new project – let’s see if I can apply what I’ve learned.

Since I’m terrible at learning things by heart, I’ve always struggled with amino acid formulas and letter codes. However, when working with ion channels or similar biomolecules, you need to know these things really well. Therefore, I’ll build a small quiz to help me (and maybe some other people) memorize structures, one-letter and three-letter codes. Continue reading “The Next Project”